WordPress how to get a post/page content by post id

A quick PHP code snippet which can be used in wordpress to get the contents of a post by ID .  All we require in this code is the ID of the post or page whoose content is to be retrieved. The snippet can be easily implemented in the required  section of the wordpress code by just copy pasting the snippet included and changing the value of  php variable $my_postid. Continue reading

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WordPress how to get the ancestor page title and ancestor child pages

While working with a website or blog which handles pages/post with multiple levels in the hierarchy ,it would be required to display the title of the ancestor page and in some cases the child pages of the ancestor page as well. The code snippets retrieve the ancestor title and the respective child pages as well. Continue reading

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So, you’re considering IT job opportunities?

You’d be surprised how many job opportunities and vacancies there are in the Information Technology industry. The industry is generally expanding, and a range of skills are needed in the IT industry, ranging from data entry, all the way up to programming and marketing. There is a high demand. Continue reading

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WordPress how to – Display child pages of current page

This post includes a simple php code snippet which displays the child pages of the current page in a wordpress blog/website . The code has been given detailed comments describing what each line of code does which would make it easy for a newbie or learner to manipulate or customize as required to suit his/her requirement. Continue reading

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Solutions for Unset session not working

I recently came across an issue where the session variable were not getting unset on my free job posting site www.jobsally.com

I just thought i should share some of the solutions

1) session_start() should be present on all pages where you require sessions to be called manipulated or destroyed.

2) session_start();  code should be present  on your logout page or the page where you are generally unsetting the value .

3) Check for multiple declarations of the same session value , there is chance the second one is overriding

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Most Amusing Exam Answers

amusing exam answers

This  post has bascially nothing to do with web development , but the artwork and concepts used in the images are bound to spring up some form of creativity on concepts in most of our web design and development blogs or web design projects.

Continue reading

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Remove or Disable sidebar in wordpress in 3 easy steps


If your looking for a means to remove the sidebar area for your wordpress projects , you will find an easy 3 step process to help you out . I was looking for a solution to the same problem and came to understand that the solutions available are not complete and some were just far to complicated ,since my requirement was not that complex. Continue reading

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Tutorial : How to make the best 404 Error Page

If you are wondering what this is all about , 404 ERROR  comes up  whenever  a  link is broken or the page referenced does not exist .  The server  responds with the 404 ERROR when it is asked to retrieve a resource it cannot find .

There usually is a generic 404 error page which the server shows   and this is shown when the developer does not  explicitly tell the server which page to show in the event of a 404 error . We can set this simply by using the redirect code in the htaccess file on the server.

Here’s a few ideas and  concepts  on how we can improve the user experience by creating the best 404 error page Continue reading

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7 necessary wordpress plugins for your blog or website

7 necessary wordpress plugins for your blog or website Heres a  list of 7 basic wordpress plugins which you need for any website you create using wordpress . No matter what industry or content you are looking at displaying , if its a blog / store /company website these plugins provide alot of back end support and makes the process of running the website much easier. Continue reading


Why design an attractive and engaging 404 error Page?

We might sometimes wonder why it is necessary to create an attractive or engaging error handler page , even I have but here is 4 solid reason why you should

Continue reading

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